An idea to extend the lifecycle of clothes

The Introduction

If you’ve been following our blog, you may find this a rather unexpected fact: One of us has done about 25 runway fashion shows in Milan & New York, working for brands such as Ralph Lauren or Versace. Got your attention?

When talking about sustainability, though, high fashion brands were never able to draw our attention. Patagonia, however, has done so. And we have now realized why. The outdoor brand tells stories, unlike any other brand.

While North Face, one of their biggest competitors, has already collaborated with Supreme, Vans, Gucci, and more, Patagonia deploys a very different strategy. …

A story about Beckenbauer, Beckham and Héctor Bellerín

What do a German, English, and Spanish Footballer have in common? Besides the fact of kicking a ball for a living…

Well, they’re all right-footed? Correct.

National players? Correct.

If you ponder, this isn’t what this article is about. Trust your instincts. There’s more to it.

This is a story ranging from Beckenbauer and Beckham to Héctor Bellerín. The role of footballers, especially off the pitch, has changed over the last decades. In this article, I claim that Footballers are a leading indicator of our society. …

The lessons from the journey of NBA Star Giannis Antetokounmpo

When I was seven years old, I dreamt of becoming a basketball superstar. When I was about fourteen years old, I wondered how long it will take me to become one. Now, at twenty-five years and I stopped playing basketball after over fifteen years. Now, I want to become a professional writer, and I know exactly how long it will take me to develop into one.

To illustrate my argument, I will use the life story of Giannis Antetokounmpo as an allegory. His story has many parallels to those of aspiring writers like you and me. We also want to…

Writing does not have to be lonely

Examining the writing toolkit

The internet is jam-packed with advice on improving your writing. New York Times Square kind of ‘jammed.’ We all know of the infinite writing techniques that are presented on Medium and other websites. Sometimes this flood of articles feels overwhelming, like a monster wave that is trying to swallow you up before you have even started. We started this blog and constantly tried different writing techniques such as Zhuitzu, Writing Everyday, Pomodoro, etc.

Like with all else, every writer needs to find a set of tools that fits him best. Writing techniques are, in this aspect, quite like running shoes…

The reemergence of a lost art

Few things in life give me a genuine feeling of happiness. Receiving a postcard is one. The thought that someone cares enough for me to buy a card, write something on there, and mail it to my current address, is the ultimate act of caring.

I am not from a writer’s family at all. Both of my parents are blue-collar workers. Postcards have introduced me to writing at an early stage of my life. During our regular summer vacation, my dad always used to write more than a dozen postcards. Back then, I thought it was lame. …

There may have never been a better time to shape its future.

The tender state of Missouri has this silly saying: “slap you naked,” and then “hide your clothes.”


So, you can’t go out again in public — at least, not unless you want to go out naked… Doesn’t this saying describe life during a pandemic?!

In recent months we have been witnessing many interruptions. The pandemic interrupted our social norms and daily lives. Frankly, we were caught out naked.

The sports industry has been caught naked, too. Literally. Sports has been stripped away its fans (=clothes). The current state has the whole industry ripe for disruption. An industry with the…

Hello Jen and thanks for your idea! You are right, we do need ethical creative ideas to turn this crisis around :)

By speaking 60 seconds about sustainability


Recently a good friend asked me what my future professional goal is. I replied that I want to change the world. It felt naïve when it left my mouth, but my conversational partner did not burst out in laughter. He asked me how I want to do so and looked me directly in the eyes. My youthful revolutionary spirit faltered for a second, but I regained my stance after taking a deep breath.

I told him that I wanted to commit my professional life to sustainability. By allocating a significant part of my daily time to a good cause, I…

If you want to be as successful as Michael Phelps


Honestly, I do understand why people like being busy. It gives you a sense of belonging. You do not have to know who you are when everybody perceives you as ‘the busy person’, the late-night worker, or the weekend shifter. Strangely enough, though, nobody wants to be labeled a workaholic. That expression became something like a forbidden word in all offices around the world.

Workaholics carry with them a dark and rotten aura. It is only a matter of time until the workaholic implodes and drags everybody around him in a dark, depressing mist of inefficiency that devours their effectivity…

Who runs the world? Girls!

Women playing field hockey.


Last week, news broke that 23-year-old tennis player Naomi Osaka had invested in the American soccer franchise North Carolina Courage. The move was “instinctive” because she wanted to empower other women to achieve what she did.

In 2019, the Japanese-American Osaka was named the world’s most marketable athlete. It was only the second time since the report first aired ten years ago that a woman was at the top of the ranking.

The curated report uses the Promotional Effectiveness Score to determine who is the hottest sports property on the market. They rate the athletes based on three categories: fan…

Tom & Jerry

Two friends, master students and sport aficionados, thinking outside the box.

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